Sandwich Menu

All Sandwiches are served on our hand made bagels

Sandwiches are made Daily Grab and Go ! 

We pre make our sandwiches . We will make to order as long as we are not making bagels or baking . We are a small team . Call Ahead to reduce wait time !!!

Pork Roll /Taylor Ham Egg and Cheese  $6.99 

Sausage Egg and  Cheese   $7.50 

Bacon Egg and  Cheese     $7.25    

                        Specialty Sandwiches 

The Naz Nasty  $9.50

 Taylor ham, Bacon , Sausage ,Hash brown ,

 Egg and Cheese 

The Kelce  $8.95

 Cheesesteak , Onion Rings Egg and Cheese

The Krukker  $8.95

 A Jalapeno Cheddar Bagel with Bacon, Cheese Steak and egg